Cable Tester

Find cable faults and verify installations

Wiremap, Length measurement, TDR fault detection, PoE voltage test, Cable toner

Network Analyzer

Check the Ethernet link and IP connection

Port blinker, Link speed and duplex identification, DHCP, DNS, Ping, Traceroute

Smartphone Connected

Get the results on Android or iOS

Simple and advanced readings, easy upgrades, share the generated PDF reports via email


Click on the features to see details.
  • Wiremap including shield
Test if you punched the pins in the correct order on the RJ45 jacks. Pockethernet also tests the shield for continuity.
  • TDR-based, single ended length measurement and fault locating
Advanced cable diagnosis with just one end connected to Pockethernet. See how long the cable is and if there are any short circuits, split pairs or bad terminations. Pockethernet also detects if the cable is connected to a switched off computer or switch.
  • Voltage detection
Find out if there's a phone line or passive PoE on one of the pairs, to detect services and to protect your network equipment.
  • PoE supply detection
Measure the presence and voltage of Power over Ethernet, to ensure proper power supply of your PoE devices.
  • Legacy PoE device detection
Find out if there is a non-standard PoE device (e.g. IP phones) at the other end of the cable that need an upgrade.
  • Cable toner with customizable tones
Locate where cables are running in the wall and identify single cables in batches or at patch panels. You can choose from a wide variety of tones that go beyond the usual ringing.
  • Bit error rate test (10/100/1000)
Real-world cable quality measurement at gigabit speeds. Stop finger-pointing with measurement data.
  • Port blinker
Let Pockethernet toggle the Link LED on switches and routers, so you know which cable you are looking for.
  • Link speed and duplex identification (10/100/1000)
Find out the Ethernet capabilities of that unused port you're wondering about and rule out duplex conflicts.
  • Link establishment test (10/100/1000)
Check if a link can be established at different speeds. Make sure the wiring is up to date for gigabit.
  • DHCP, DNS, Ping, Traceroute tests (10/100)
Test the network connection to see if you can get an IP address on a port and reach internal servers or the Internet.
  • Netscan, traffic detection (10/100)
See what other devices are reachable on that port, what kind and how much traffic is directed there.
  • Generate PDF reports
Have a detailed log about your work: Just add location and port ID and you'll always have an up-to-date database and a proof of your work.
  • Send report via email
With the press of a button, email the report for your own records, to an issue tracking system or to your clients. No more lost reports, tedious downloads from the device or manual editing.

Smartphone connectivity

Pockethernet android app screen

The Pockethernet hardware works together with the device you are probably having in your pocket right now: your smartphone. Bluetooth enables Pockethernet to communicate with your smartphone. The app is tailored to both the needs of professionals and semi-professionals.

You’ll be able to run tests in simple and advanced modes and easily read out the results from your phone. With the press of a button you can also generate a report and email it for your own records, to an issue tracking system or to your clients. No more lost reports, tedious downloads from the device or manual editing.

Pockethernet currently supports Android and iOS* devices

*Compatible iOS devices: iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 5c; iPad 3, 4, Mini, Air


Pockethernet product shot

We're currently producing a new batch of Pockethernets which will go on sale in June 2016.
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Friendly Asked Questions

> General

When can I buy Pockethernet again?
We first want to completely focus on producing the first batch and deliver those in June. After that we’ll start selling the device in our webshop. In case you want to be the first to know when the device is on sale again, you can sign up to the newsletter on our website.
How much will Pockethernet costs?
Pockethernet will have a estimated retail price of $200,-
Why isn't Pockethernet available worldwide?
We decided to stay on the safe side of the regulations (EMC, safety, environmental, tax) for the first batch. We'll start covering more regions within the near future. Current regions that we ship to at the moment are; EU, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
Which phones and tablets are compatible?
The first release of Pockethernet will support all android devices having bluetooth and the iOS devices with Bluetooth v4. (iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 5c; iPad 3, 4, Mini, Air)
Can I use pockethernet without a phone/tablet?
Pockethernet has a basic user interface made up by RGB LEDs. They show basic information about the cable (pass/fail/failure type) and the network (link/DHCP status). So you can have a quick look even without using your phone.
What version of Android do I need?
The app should be compatible with all versions
What version of iOS do I need?
The app should be compatible with any iOS version that runs on a phone with Bluetooth v4 support
Will the Pockethernet app be free?
The app with all the basic features will be free of charge. (list of basic features can be found under "features") Additional features might be provided trough a payed app or in-app purchases
Does Pockethernet have any warranty?
Pockethernet comes with a standard limited 1 year warranty

> Specs

How does the Pockethernet device communicate with the smartphone
Pockethernet communicates with your Android and iOS device trough bluetooth. iOS support will be through Bluetooth v4 (BLE/Smart) Compatible iOS devices: iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 5c; iPad 3, 4, Mini, Air
Which wiremap adapters are compatible with Pockethernet?
We will deliver Pockethernet with it's own wiremap adapter, most of the other wiremap adapters should also be compatible.
Which new features are on the roadmap?
In random order;
  • VLAN support,
  • Network discovery (CDP, LLDP),
  • SNMP and web based configuration tools,
  • 802.1x support,
  • Security and penetration tests,
  • A cloud service that keeps your network layout, floor maps, and measurement results easily accessible
How does Pockethernet do single ended length measurement and fault locating?
This happens trough TDR. (Time-domain reflectometry)