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A smartphone connected Ethernet network analyzer & cable tester that fits into your pocket

Shipping to EU, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Compatible with Android and iOS

The Swiss Army Knife for IT admins

Pockethernet is here to help any IT admin dealing with Ethernet network installation and maintenance. It lets you check the ethernet link, find cable faults, PoE voltage, VLAN, DHCP results and much more with the press of a button. Finished? Then export those results in a detailed measurement report and send them to yourself or your client.

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A new tool for IT admins

Pockethernet comes with 20+ Features that are essential for anybody working with Ethernet networks.

Link analyzer

Check the Ethernet link, speed and duplex settings; view traffic samples, VLAN tags and CDP/LLDP information.

Cable tester

Find cable faults and verify installations. Do wiremapping, length measurement, TDR fault detection, PoE voltage testing, BER measurements or enable the cable toner

IP analyzer

See DHCP results; check DNS resolution, HTTP queries, and Ping.

Export the results

Immediately send out the measurement results from your smartphone app in PDF form or share them through a phone’s OS's native share menu for further processing.(example report here)

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Have all networking features in one app

Features and specs

Dimensions 90x65x25 mm
Weight 200 grams
Charging Micro-USB charge
Operating time 8 hours on full battery
Voltage measurement up to 110V
TDR range
results evaluated
min. 1m (3ft) - max. 110m (330ft)
TDR graphing min. 1m (3ft) - max. 300m (1000ft)
Ethernet standards 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T
Connectors RJ45, 3.5 mm jack, USB micro-B
iOS compatibility iPhone 4S and above, iPod touch (5th generation or higher)
Android compatibility Bluetooth 2.1 classic compatible with Android 4.3 or higher
Wiremap including shield

Check whether pins on RJ45 jacks have been crimped in the correct order. Pockethernet as well tests the shield for continuity.


Advanced cable testing with only one end connected to Pockethernet. Determine how long a cable is and if it contains any short circuits, split pairs or bad terminations. Pockethernet also detects if a cable is connected to a switched-off computer or switch.

Graphical TDR

Generate a graph of signal reflections throughout the entire cable length. You can view the length of connected cables and any imperfections they may have (such as extenders or patch panels).

VLAN support

Set the VLAN tags, PCP and DEI for outgoing DNS, DHCP, HTTP and Ping requests. View tagged and untagged traffic with the traffic monitor.

Network discovery (CDP, LLDP)

View the content of CDP and LLDP messages to identify network ports more easily. If the switch port supports it, you can instantly view the connected chassis and port ID as well as the native VLAN.

Voltage detection

Find out if any pairs have a phone line or passive PoE connected to them. This allows you to detect services and to protect your network equipment.

PoE supply detection

Measure the presence and voltage of Power over Ethernet to ensure a sufficient power supply for your PoE devices.

Cable toner with customizable tones

Determine the location of cables in a wall and identify single cables in batches or at patch panels. You can set different tones and even control their volume to keep signals separate.

Bit error rate test (10/100/1000)

Real-world cable quality measurement at gigabit speeds. Measure packet length, payload and configure the number of test packets.

Port blinker

Let Pockethernet toggle the Link LED on switches and routers to easily find the cable you are looking for. Set the link speed to toggle a change of color for the port LED.

Link speed and duplex identification (10/100/1000)

Find out the Ethernet capabilities of that unused port you're wondering about and rule out duplex conflicts.

Link establishment test (10/100/1000)

Determine whether a link can be established at different speeds and make sure the wiring is up to date for gigabit.

DHCP, DNS, Ping, HTTP tests (10/100)

Test the network connection to see if you are able to get an IP address on a port, and connect to internal servers or the Internet.

Traffic detection (10/100)

View which other devices are reachable on a specific port, as well as the type and amount of traffic that is being directed there.

Generate PDF reports

Keep a detailed, up-to-date database and log of your work just by noting locations and port IDs.

Export your results

Email reports for your own records, or share them through a phone’s OS's native share menu with the press of a button. No more lost reports, tedious downloads from the device or manual editing.

Simple & Effective

No more need to carry around a notebook all day. No more crawling under tables or behind racks. No more expensive subscription plans. No more breaking the bank for a network tester. With Pockethernet you'll have all features for troubleshooting Ethernet networks in the palm of your hand.


Any sales or technical questions:
General Questions

iPhone 4S and more recent
iPod touch 5th generation and more recent
iPad 3rd generation and more recent

Bluetooth 2.1 classic compatible with Android 4.3 or higher

Pockethernet has a quick measurement test which works without the smartphone application connected. The hardware has a basic user interface made up of RGB LEDs (wire pair status LEDs) which display the results. (pass/fail/failure type) and the network (link/DHCP status)

No, without the hardware you can't use any of the features.

No, this is currently not on the roadmap.

No. Pockethernet is not a "cable certification" device, but performs cable qualification and verification.

Please have a look here.

Yes, Pockethernet comes with a standard limited 1 or 2-year warranty, depending on your region. All customers inside the EU have a 2 years warranty, all others have a 1 year warranty.

While the USB port is connected, no measurements can be made. The device must be off for regulatory compliances.

No, Pockethernet does not come with a tone probe. A huge variety of them are available for between $20 and $200. The higher-end probes are usually more sensitive and do better 50/60Hz humming rejection. Any analog tone probe should work with Pockethernet.


Great. Share your ideas with us via: info AT

No. Technically the device shouldn't get damaged by it, but it's still not allowed since it doesn't have protection against lightning strikes or similar high-voltage events that can happen on a phone line.

There are moving parts inside which make this noise, they are called relays, if you look inside you can see them, the 2 white blocks just behind the ethernet port.

If there's no Bluetooth connected, the device will switch off after 2 minutes for powersave purposes. If there's a Bluetooth connection, the device won't switch off.

A huge variety of them are available for between $20 and $200. The higher-end probes are usually more sensitive and do better 50/60Hz humming rejection. Any analog tone probe should work with Pockethernet. In case you’re not sure, just ask us at: info[at] and we’ll let you know.

Buying & Shipping

As a hardware product, Pockethernet needs to comply with regulatory requirements. We need to assess these country-by-country which takes time. Regions that we currently ship to include: EU, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. If you are interested in buying Pockethernet outside of these regions, please write us or sign up to our newsletter to be notified when it's available.

No, at the moment Pockethernet is only available for purchase via our online shop.

Yes, all orders are shipped with an invoice.

Yes. In the checkout process, make sure you checkout as a company and fill out your VAT number. Any company with a valid VAT id within the EU (except Germany) can order without VAT. (VAT does not apply to any orders from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein)

1 Remote terminator (for Wiremap and BER tests)
Protective carrying pouch
USB cable for charging and firmware updates
50 cm Ethernet cable to connect to wall outlets
User manual in English

Please make sure you include the country code. The format should be [country code][VAT number]. (e.g. DE123456789). In case it's not still working, please see if your VAT id is still valid on this website. In other cases please write us info[at]

Currently we offer Credit card payments and for all EU countries bank transfer. (We'll implement more payment options in the near future)

Please check the prices in the webshop.

In regions outside the EU, customs duties, customs processing fees and local sales taxes may have to be paid upon receipt of the shipment. Please inform yourself about your local regulations.You can calculate these costs for example with this service: (Select Importing from: Germany, Product description: Ethernet switch)


    There's a reset function in the device: Press the power button for 10 seconds, and then connect the USB plug.

    No. Pockethernet only works with the terminator that came delivered with the device. The loopback side is used for BER tests

    Through the use of TDR (time-domain reflectometry)

    Yes, neither Pockethernet nor the other device should be damaged as the signal is just a couple of volts and current limited. The only drawback would be that the sound level will be much lower as the Ethernet transformer and the terminations ground the signal. Also, if it's a shielded cable and the connector on the other end gets grounded by the remote device, it may completely shield the signal.


    If the port is in access/untagged mode, the VLAN tags are removed by the switch before sending out the packets, hence they are not detectable by the device. If configured for the port, Pockethernet can receive CDP or LLDP information, which usually includes the native VLAN ID. If the port is in trunk/tagged mode, or is an access port also carrying tagged packets, you can use the traffic monitor feature to see the VLAN IDs of frames that are sent over the link.

    IntelliTone is patented by Fluke, so we can't support it unfortunately. (Though the hardware would be capable of that)

    Under normal conditions, Pockethernet should be kept within 10 meters of your phone.

    The Wiremap side of the terminator is used for the *drum roll* wiremap test. The Loopback side is used for the BER test.

    No. Technically the device shouldn't get damaged by it, but it's still not allowed since it doesn't have protection against lightning strikes or similar high-voltage events that can happen on a phone line.

    If you use Pockethernet instead of the camera it's possible to: check the cabling to the camera, test if there's PoE supplied on that cable, check if a network connection can be established on the cable, with specific VLAN settings and ping targets. If the camera is already on the network, it can be pinged from another ethernet port. What Pockethernet can't do is to connect to the camera and get the picture, change settings, etc. However, these would be software features that can be added in future. (if you are very interested in that, please write us about it via info AT

    It's a hardware limit

    Ethernet is failure tolerant, it would still work with many errors, but with a reduced bandwidth.A good quality cable which is installed correctly should return 0 errors. A few errors shouldn't be a serious problem, this still should be considered a good cable.

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